The Economics Students Association is the governing federated body for all 900+ undergraduate Economics students at the University of Ottawa. From academic representation to social events, we strive to meet the needs of our undergraduate students. We partake in important decisions concerning programs and courses, and represent the students’ best interests. We also work in collaboration with many other associations and faculties on campus to deliver the best student experience and events as possible


Here are some things that the association does for you.


Academic Representation

We represent the students' interests to the department and faculty and aim to protect your rights as a student. If you have an issue with a professor or a course, you may contact the vice-president of academic affairs at


The ESA offers a mix of academic, social, and philanthropic events throughout the school year. From academic panels to holiday dinners, the ESA wants to provide an academic year full of well rounded events for all undergraduate economics students!

ESA Traditions

101 Week, Econ Week, and our annual trip to New York City are all large traditions of the ESA. Additionnaly, our previous work with Shinerama and Relay for Life is and will continue to be important for our association.


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ESA Elections

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The Executive Team

Here are your representatives. Click on their image to read their biography.

President and Vice-Presidents

Michael DiLosa


Hey Everyone, my name is Michael DiLosa, and I am the President of the Economics Students Association this year! As president, it is my job to ensure the smooth operation of the executive, support the executive team in their roles, manage our relationships with external bodies and much more. But most importantly, I am here to make sure that we are properly representing you, our students! This means that we are hosting the events that you want, and doing what is best for the undergraduate Economics student body. Remember that we aren’t just here for events, we are also here to represent you to the department and faculty. If you have an idea for an event, or need help with a problem, just shoot me an email or come by my office hours! Fun fact, I always tap the outside of the plane as I board it for good luck.

Elliot Hernandez

Vice-President of Internal Affairs

My name is Elliot Hernandez and I am the VP of Internal Affairs for the ESA/l’AÉSÉ. As VP of Internal Affairs it is my duty to plan the annual NYC trip, lead the Rational agents and manage the office. I am in my second year in the Honours of Economics program here at uOttawa. I am also an avid soccer and basketball fan and my favourite movie is The Martian!

Liam O'Brien

Vice-President of Finance

Hey, I’m Liam, the VP Finance for the ESA this year and served as JVP Social and then in the role of VP Social last year. This year I get to manage the finances of the Economics Student Association to make sure that your student fees are going to places where they will be well utilized. The shift from an events based position is definitely going to be a change, but I’m looking forward to working with the rest of the executive to make our events more cost efficient but even more fun !

Fun fact: I run on iced coffee

Abigail Marsh

Vice-President of Academic Affairs

Hi there! My name is Abigail Marsh and I am your VP Academic for the 2019-2020 school year. I am in my second year of Honours Economics. My role is to advocate for economic students and plan events that enhance the academic experience. These events include guest speakers and our annual Econ Week. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to email! Some more about me: I love movies, especially horror, and coffee!

Corinne Lament

Vice-President of Social Affairs

Hey, my name is Corinne and I am your VP Social! As VP Social, I plan events for economic students throughout the year! Major events that I am responsible for are 101 week and the Social Science Ball. I am a third year student in Joint Honours in Economics and Political Science. I love to play sports especially hockey, field hockey and swimming, reading and socializing. A fun fact about me is on my first scuba dive I got bitten by a bottom feeder and I’m kind of a mind reader.

Mona Makinejad

Vice-President of Bilingualism and Outreach

Howdy y'all! My name is Mona Makinejad and I am the VP of Bilingualism and Outreach for the ESA. My job is to translate all our documents and communication to both french or english (including these biographies), and to host brilliant events for our francophone and international students! I'm in my second year of Environmental Economics and Public Policy in french immersion. If anyone has questions about my program or french immersion in general at uOttawa, ask away! My fun fact is that my music taste varies wildly from heavy metal to musicals!

Ty Brunet

Vice-President of Philanthropy

Hey econ students, my name is Ty and I am your VP Phil! In this role, I get to organize fundraising and awareness initiatives for a variety of charitable organizations. I’m always looking for input and new ideas from fellow students – feel free to email with any questions or suggestions about the ESA’s philanthropic initiatives.

Fun fact: I have three golden retrievers!!


Vice-President of Communications



Lahn Robbins

Director of External Affairs

Hey there! My name's Lahn and I'm the Director of External Affairs for the ESA. This year, I get the pleasure of working with different members of the team to coordinate outreach and sponsorship for different events that we run! Working with the team for the past 2 years has been a privilege, and this 2019/2020 year is no doubt going to be the best one yet. Fun fact, as a child, I used to think I could control traffic lights with my mind.

Sreenija Koya

Director of Information Technology

Hi! My name is Sreenija and I'm the Director of IT.

Na Yeon Kwon

Director of Promotions

Hi, my name is Nicole, and I am your Director of Promotions! I am in charge of all things promotional, and helping out with our website. I am in my fourth year of Joint Honours Economics and Political Science, and if you need help with anything school related, I am always down to chat and help with homework! Some more about me, I was the Golden Gloves featherweight boxing champion of lower mainland BC (a long time ago), and I’m terrified of fish!

Junior Vice-Presidents


Junior Vice-President of Academic Affairs



Junior Vice-President of Social Affairs



Junior Vice-President of Bilingualism and Outreach



Junior Vice-President of Philanthropy


Summer Executives

Yasmin Rezaaifar

101 Week Coordinator

Hi! My name is Yasmin and I am m the ESA's 101 Week Coordinator. This summer, I will be working with our VP Social to plan 101 Week for the incoming first year students.This will be my first time working with ESA and I am so excited and honoured to be planning this amazing week. The first week of your very first year at university makes a lasting impression, so with the help of ESA's hardworking exec team, I hope to make this 101 Week an extremely fun and welcoming experience.

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