101 Week 2017 Kit Sales – SELLING OUT FAST! GET YOURS SOON!

Welcome, 101er! This is where you can reserve your spot for 101 Week, the ESA’s orientation week for our new students.

101 Week is a non-profit event. In order to participate in 101 Week 2017, you must purchase a 101 Week kit. Each kit costs around $90 and includes admission to all the 101 Week events, from concerts to a beach day to a scavenger hunt to club nights. (Note: Since we operate as a non-profit, we do need to make up the difference we pay in PayPal fees by charging $93 for online kits. We sell out every year. So we do recommend you register and buy online to guarantee yourself a spot).

A complete schedule of the week’s events will be available in the coming weeks (stay tuned!)

As always, if you have any questions about 101 Week, economics programs, or simply university life, please email us or message us on Facebook – we’d love to hear from you!

We know you’re very excited but also kind of nervous about university, so we’re preparing a stellar week to ease you in to the adventures of life as an Economics student. We’ve got plenty of events up our sleeve to help you meet friends, discover the city, and prepare you for the academic year ahead.

101 Week registration is a two-step process. Follow these two steps to purchase your kit online.

Step One: Fill out the form below and submit it.

Your Information | Votre information
For an additional $30, you can go to the Calypso water park as part of your 101 Week. Note: Seats are limited and you are not guaranteed a spot. | Pour $30 en additionne, vous pouvez aller au parc aquatique de Calypso pour la semaine 101. Note: Les places sont limités et vous n'êtes pas garanti une place..
Health and Safety | Santé et securité
If you do not have any dietary restrictions, leave this field empty. / Si vous n'avez pas des restrictions diétitiques, laisse le champ comme vide.
To optimize your 101 week experience, list your physical and/or mental accessibility needs if necessary and we'll try to accommodate you. / Pour optimizer votre expérience de la semaine 101, listez vos besoins d'accessibilités physiques et/ou mentales si c'est necessaire et nous allons essayer de vous accommoder.
Last name / Nom de famille

Step Two: If you are paying online, pay through the PayPal link below.

There are two options to select: The 101 kit only or the 101 week kit + Calypso Water Park ticket (limited seats).


Payment Options | Options de paiement

If you have paid for your kit online, you will be able to pick it up during the day on Saturday September 2nd or Sunday September 3rd at the Tabaret (TBT) lawn on campus. If you have registered for 101 Week but did not pay online, you’ll be able to pay in person and receive your kit. We will be in touch with a map of where to find us, our finalized schedule of the week, and much more.

If you have not registered online for your kit, you can still come to campus on the 2nd or 3rd of September to register and buy a kit if we have any left!

Have a fantastic rest of the summer, and see you soon!

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