Tamami ICHIMURA (VP Finance)

Hello, my name is Tamami Ichimura and I am running for the position of Vice President of Finance for the Economics Student Association for the 2017-2018 school year. I am an active, friendly, and enthusiastic 2nd year Economics student. I’ve been involved with the ESA since frosh week and it’s been such an honour and pleasure to be a part of it. I would love to be more actively involved with the ESA as VP Finance. What skills and experiences do I have? I am quite experienced as a VP Finance and President of two unique clubs on this campus and I aim to use my communication and organizational skills for the ESA. I’m currently working for the United Way uOttawa Student Association as V.P Finance and for the Japanese Enthusiasts Language Learning Organization as President.

Through my involvement, I have developed strong time-management, and great communication and organizational skills. I made clear and organized excel financial statements, and worked productively and quickly with my teams. I oversaw the finances, organized fundraising when needed, and improved the organization’s financial transparency. I also acted as liaison between the clubs and the SFUO, as well as with other related organizations outside of the campus.

What do I hope to achieve as VP Finance? With finances being such a significant aspect to the smooth running of the ESA, it must be clearly shown to the ESA execs and every Economics student how their money is handled. Therefore, 3 main goals I will aim to establish as VP Finance are:

  1. Transparency:
    1. Clear and organized financial reports or updates on the affairs of the ESA at each meeting of the Executive, ensuring that everyone is on the same page with the budget and expenditures.
    2. Being OPEN and available to answer any questions regarding the finances of the ESA.
    3. Enhancing the communication between other federal bodies and the SFUO specifically with funds, audits, and finances.
  2. Honesty:
    1. Ensure all financial records are accurate, unbiased, and kept up to date.
    2. Implement a “zero-base budget system” to make sure funds and planned annual budgets are allocated properly so that there will not be mismanagement of money.
    3. Ensure audits are submitted on time, and well prepared with executives.
  3. Efficiency/Communication:
    1. Ensure there is efficient communication with the president and executives with respect to all agreements involving the transfer of ESA funds.
    2. Improve the punctuality of reimbursement to be no later than 2 days.
    3. Encourage the use of more online transactions, which help run events smoothly not only for the executive but also translates into better events for the students.
    4. With a more efficient financial system in place and smoothly organized events, it will create further opportunities to welcome more students and to get more sponsors for the future.

Finally, with my experiences in handling financial budgets and creating friendly environments as VP Finance and President of other student organizations, I am greatly prepared for this position. Your needs and wants as students are my priority. With a vote for me, I will ensure transparency, honesty and efficiency with regards to the finances of the ESA. Thank you so much for your time and considering my application. I hope to count on your support on March 22nd and 23rd!

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