Sasha Laney (VP Finance)


Greetings Econ students! My name is Sasha Laney, and I am a third year student studying Economics and Psychology. What many students don’t acknowledge is how ESA/AESE acts as a guiding presence to your university experience; they introduce you to the student body through frosh week, they provide helpful tools to help you with your studies and to discover your career path, and they organize unforgettable events where you’ll meet many great people. To be a part of ESA/AESE is to be a part of this inclusive community of amazing people, and I hope to further its reach by acting as VP of Finance. I am incredibly excited to run as VP of Finance for ESA/AESE, and I hope to reassure you of my ability to fulfill the duties of this position.


Why Is This Role So Crucial?

            The executive VP of Finance position is a crucial aspect of the healthy maintenance of an association. A well-managed and balanced budget allows us to efficiently attend to the interests of our student body by providing the resources that will help students achieve success through funding activities and events that enrich the campus experience, such as those that took place during our most recent Econ-Week.


This position is especially vital over the upcoming months as the VP of Finance will help determine what goods and services will make up next term’s 101 week. Frosh week is one of the most memorable experiences for undergraduate students, and we want to ensure that our incoming first years have the best one yet!


What Will I Bring To The Table?

            My vision is to see an ESA/AESE that is more informed about the regulations of our university and involved in the activities of our student body; I hope to be a friendly and helpful face and someone who you will see daily around campus. As VP of Finance, I will work together with my fellow executives to ensure that your interests turn into opportunities.


            To properly fulfil the duties of this position the VP of Finance should be dedicated, resourceful, and knowledgeable. An experienced student is required to undertake this position, and I believe I am capable of accomplishing this role. My qualifications include:


  • Volunteering with Acorn Accounting as a Digital Tax Assistant. This role required working with critical financial data with the goal in mind to maximize the returns provided to the disadvantaged.


  • Working as an InfoService agent, which trained me to be knowledgeable in many aspects of our financial services, including admission fees, bursaries, scholarships and international student provisions.


  • As a Dispatcher with Foot Patrol, I am expected to run our shifts in an organized and professional manner, and have developed insight into the many services offered by the SFUO.



The executive role as VP of Finance is a critical role to not only our student association, but also to the Student Federation as a whole. I believe that my experience and credentials show that I am the perfect candidate to take on this role, and I am enthusiastic to be in the running for this position.


Best of luck to my fellow candidates, and I hope to see everyone on campus and voting!


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