Michael DiLOSA (VP Academic affairs)


Hey! My name is Michael DiLosa, I am a first year student and I am running to be the VP of Academic Affairs for 2017-2018.

Past/Previous Experience

The most relevant experience I have is my time this year as Junior Vice-President of Academic Affairs. During that time I learned through hands on experience the ins and outs of being an executive and what it takes to organize events. As JVP, I was instrumental in organizing the debate between Members of Parliament from each political party, through that process I built relationships I can use in the future to get speakers for Econ Week and other events. In addition, I have played sports my entire life, and through those experiences I have learned how to work well on a team and learned the value of perseverance and hard work. In high school I was a member of my schools leadership network and during my final year I was responsible for training the new members of the team and organizing the retreat activities. Through my experiences I have gained valuable organizational and planning skills and have learned how to organize and promote events as well as work on and lead a team of people to make those events happen.

Your Ideas/Plans

  • Offer a variety of speaker events during and separate from Econ Week
  • Implement professor/student gatherings in a less formal setting than the annual ‘wine and cheese’ event to build stronger relationships between students and professors
  • Hold more pizza and study events for students throughout the year
  • Offer a financial budgeting workshop in September to help students better budget themselves for the year
  • Maintain the Scholarship and Economics Case Competition team, both of which were implemented this year

Why You Should Vote For Me

I am a hard-working, dedicated individual who will work tirelessly to enrich the academic lives of Economics students beyond the classroom. I have been involved with the ESA this year as a JVP and understand what it takes to organize the events that the VP Academic is responsible for, and will go above and beyond my mandate to ensure a good year for Econ students.


I have gained the experience necessary for this role as JVP of Academic Affairs and am ready to take on the responsibility of the Vice President role. I am going to improve on the previous successes of Econ Week by bringing in interesting and engaging speakers that students would not normally be able to hear and learn from. I believe I am the ideal candidate for the position because I work hard and am dedicated to the ESA and its success.

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