Jelena IVANOVIC (VP Social)


Ayyyyee guys! My name is Jelena Ivanovic and I am currently a second year student in Economics. I am the VP of Bilingualism and Outreach for the ESA and I am more than happy to be running again for VP Social.

Past/Previous Experiences

A majority of my life was spent playing various sports and building friendly, group relations. This has moulded me to become a team-player. It also has given me the burning, constant drive to be involved and encourage others to be involved. This aspect of my personality has also transferred into how I go about my work life. For the past two years I have been working in the human resource sector. The main aspect of my job is to interact and to ensure healthy employee interaction. Along with working, I have volunteered numerous times at various elementary schools to plan fundraisers or major events. Planning events of any size is a huge interest of mine and I thrive from it. This is why I was on the exec before as VP BIl. I loved the fact that I got to plan new french events, ensure great turnouts, and most importantly be an active member of the executive. In result, this is what made me even more passionate about the association and led me to be hungry for more.

Your Ideas/Plans

  • ***Make most ESA events free for students and cap the costly events at 5$ per person***
  • Host an event in the Fall where all students of Econ are invited to decide and vote on what events THEY want done throughout the academic year.
  • Do more events in bigger scales with other associations, such as a hiking trip, PJ night, cook off, intramurals, etc.
  • Do a water park day during 101 week this year.

Why You Should Vote For Me?

I am a dedicated, committed person who is willing to go to any length to get the job done. I love what I do and am extremely passionate about the ESA and team – building. I always strive to do my best and just want students to have the fullest university experience that I myself have had. I have worked hard this year to prove myself to be a valuable member of the ESA and have shown only a portion of what I am capable of. I want things, such as the hiking trip, to be done more with even more students engaged. I only what to make the following year bigger and better. At the end of the day, I feel like my work with the ESA and my drive to achieve new things have yet to cease.


I will genuinely do my best in facilitating a friendly atmosphere for all students and bridge the divide between us and other associations. I believe I am the person for this opportunity because I can bring the enthusiasm and pa-zazz for yet another year which is what is needed to continue the legacy that the ESA has created.

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