Hi there! My name is Ivy Chan and I am in my second year of the Environmental Economics and

Public Policy program. I’m running to be the Economic Student Association’s next VP Internal Affairs for 2017-2018.

Past experience:

Before coming to university, I was the Logistics Director of a local not-for-profit organization which hosted one of largest night markets in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). This night market spanned over three days, attracted over 40,000 attendees, and generated $10,000 to give away to charity. Through this experience, I have familiarized myself with budgeting, youth development, communication with internal teams, and managing (extremely) large crowds which will be useful in planning for New York and delegating the Rational Agents. Additionally, I have experience collaborating with sponsors such as TD Canada Trust, Bell, Trojan, and Royale.

My Ideas:

I can apply my experiences from the not-for-profit organization towards the ESA, and achieve greater efficiency and engagement throughout the team.

  • Attracting sponsors and negotiating with current partnerships to make the New York trip more affordable,
  • Introducing a new system where Rational Agents are assigned tasks to do and are put into teams such as:
    • Sub-Promotional Team: To help advertise the New York trip and put up posters
    • Logistics Team: To ensure there is always a reliable group of Economic students to set/clean-up events such as Econ Week
  • Reaching out to other student associations such as the Chinese Student Association to collaborate with and engage our international students

I’m a highly-motivated individual who has a passion for inclusiveness and knows the importance of a supportive community. My goal is for students that are not involved with the ESA to still be able to find support from their student association. Don’t forget to vote Ivy C for Internal VP!

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