Vice President of Bilingualism and Outreach: Elizabeth Holjevac (Liz)


Hello! My name is Elizabeth Holjevac and I am a first year student studying Economics and Public Policy. I am running to be your Vice President of bilingualism and outreach for the 2017-2018 year.

Past/Previous Experiences

I graduated high school with an IB certificate in french and I am currently in the french immersion program at the university, meaning I am very qualified for this position. My previous experience in the work force and my completion of over 300 hours of community service has given me the ability to work in a fast paced environment and has helped me to become a friendly team player. In addition, I have previous experience planning and running recreation events.

Your Ideas/Plans

  • I would like to partner with other VP’s of Bilingualism from other associations to plan and organize a trip that would take english and french students to the Quebec winter carnival in Quebec City. I believe this would be an amazing way for students to learn about french culture and to better appreciate
  • I would like to organize a french speaker event for the francophone and french immersion students, as a lot of the guest speakers that usually come to the university to talk to the economics students only speak in english. I believe this would be a great way to engage french students and help them be more informed about current economic issues around the world.
  • I would like to work with the VP social in order to plan more bilingual events to bring both the english and french students closer together. I also believe this will help francophone students feel more comfortable about coming to events, meaning there will be a higher francophone turn out at each event.
  • I plan to work with the VP of communications in order to create engaging emails for francophone and international students. This will help bring more french students to events and will help them be more informed about ESA affairs.
  • I plan to work with the VP of communications, the director of IT and the director of promotions to ensure that all publications (emails, posters, Facebook posts, etc) are in both french and english in order to include francophone and international students.

 Why Should Voters Choose You

I am a very ambitious and dedicated student who will work hard to ensure that francophone and international students are well represented throughout the university. I am passionate about helping all economics students and ensuring that they have the best university experience possible.


If you vote yes for me as Vice President of bilingualism and outreach, I promise that I will do my best to bring french and english students together. In addition, I will work hard in order to properly represent all francophone and international students in the ESA.

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