Run in the ESA Elections

Are you an economics student who is enthusiastic, motivated, and dedicated to making your campus a better place? The ESA needs people like you to represent students, build community, and to keep Econ as the best program on campus! Run in the 2017 ESA elections and make all your campus dreams reality.

Positions available:

Vice-President of Internal Affairs
Vice-President of Finance
Vice-President of Communications
Vice-President of Social Affairs
Vice-President of Academic Affairs 
Vice-President Philanthropy
VP Bilingualism and Outreach

Please see below for position descriptions.

There will also be two director positions available via application after the election – the Director of Information Technology (website management) and the Director of Promotion (poster and other media design).

Elections Timeline:

Nomination period: March 6th-10th

Campaign Period: March 13th-21st

Voting days:
22nd March 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
23rd March 10 a.m.-6 p.m.

Election results announcement:
March 23: Results at 7-8pm


– Responsible for managing the executive, running meetings, and liaising with external organisations (such as the SFUO).
– Recommended to be bilingual. Aspiring candidates must have previously served on the ESA executive. Must be in Ottawa for the summer.

***Vice-President of Finance
– Must prepare the budget, report on financial matters, and manage ESA funds.
– Must be in Ottawa for the summer.

***Vice-President of Internal Affairs
– Manages the ESA office, the “Rational Agents” volunteer crew, sweater orders, and acts as second-in-command to the President
-Runs the annual New York trip

***Vice-President of Communications
– Designs the organisation’s student engagement strategy, including but not limited to social media, emails, and website posts.
– Recommended to be bilingual.

***Vice-President of Social Affairs
– Runs 101 Week (!!!!), Social Sciences Ball, 1848 party-offs and ongoing social events throughout the year.
– Must be in Ottawa for the summer.

***Vice-President of Academic Affairs
– Organises speakers series, Econ Week, and professional networking events, and works with the Department to represent students in academic matters.
– Recommended to be bilingual.

***Vice-President of Philanthropy
– Coordinates fundraising initiatives for the ESA in conjunction with the SFUO’s philanthropic campaigns.
– Must be in Ottawa for the summer.

***Vice-President of Bilingualism and Outreach
– Must organise a minimum of two francophone events per academic year; is responsible for promoting and supporting the engagement of linguistic minorities and international students.
– Must be bilingual.

For a full description of the mandate of each position, please see the ESA’s Constitution:

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