[2016-2017]Vice President Bilingualism and Outreach Candidate: Jelena Ivanovic


Hello fams! My name is Jelena Ivanovic and I am a second year student in Economics. This year I am running to be your VP Bilingualism.

Past/Previous Experiences

A majority of my life was spent playing various sports and building friendly, group relations. This has moulded me to become a team player. It also has given me the burning, constant drive to be involved and encourage others to be involved. This aspect of my personality has also transferred into how I go about my work life. For the past two years I have been working in the human resource sector. The main aspect of my job is to interact and to ensure healthy employee interaction. Along with working, I have volunteered numerous times at various elementary schools to plan fundraisers or major events. Planning events of any size is a huge interest of mine and I thrive from it.

Your Ideas/Plans

  • Creating events where the bonding of English and French students is encouraged. For example, making an event where bringing a Econ plus one that is of the opposite language will give you free admission.
  • Coordinate “Hummus Homework Hangouts” throughout the year.
  • Partner with the people in the French-Immersion Office to have “French – Improvement Sessions” for English – speaking students who are looking to explore the other side or for French students who are looking to brush up.
  • Help the other executive members as much as possible so that together we can keep making Econ awesome.

Why You Should Vote For Me?

I am a dedicated, committed person who is willing to go to any length to get the job done. I love what I do and am extremely passionate about economics and team – building. I always strive to do my best and just want students to have the fullest university experience that I myself have had.


I will genuinely do my best in facilitating a friendly atmosphere for all students and bridge the divide between the two official languages. I believe I am the person for this opportunity because I can bring the enthusiasm and the “pa-zazz” that is needed to continue the legacy that the ESA has created.

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