About the executive

Who are we?

President – Alex Reeves

Alex acts as a liaison between the ESA and the SFUO, as well as between all the other federated bodies and organizations external to the University of Ottawa. He oversees the implementation of the ESA’s goals and projects. They also chair the meetings of the executive.

VP Finance – Tamami Ichimura

Tamami oversees all financial operations of the ESA. Her duties include preparing an annual budget and approving all transfers of ESA funds.

VP Social – Jelena Ivanovic

Jelena organizes, coordinates, and ensures promotion of the social events relevant to the ESA, which includes 101 Week.

VP Communications – Lahn Robbins

The VP of Communications is responsible for all ESA publications, including but not limited to bi-weekly emails, posters, social media and the yearly 101 mail outs.

VP Academic – Michael DiLosa

Michael Acts as liaison between members- at-large and the Department of Economics and/or professors, in addition to encouraging professional networking. He is also responsible for organizing, coordinating, and implementing events during Economics Week.

VP Internal Affairs: Ivy Chan

Ivy is responsible for managing the ESA’s office hours, meeting minutes and responsible for all ESA apparel orders. She also assists with leading the delegation of Rational Agents members.

VP Philanthropy: Sydney Martin

Sydney coordinates ESA fundraising initiatives for various charitable organizations. She is responsible for representing the ESA in any of the SFUO’s philanthropic campaigns such as Shinerama, Movember and Relay for Life.

VP Bilingual and Outreach – Elizabeth Holjevac

Elizabeth works with the other VPs to ensure that all ESA content is provided in both english and french. She is also in charge of organizing francophone events and is a representative of linguistic minorities and international students.

Director of IT: Ryan Loi

Ryan is responsible for the management of ESA technology as well as uploading contents to the website for its management.

Director of Promotions: Nicole Kwon

Nicole ensures effective communication between the ESA and members-at-large. She is responsible for the graphic design of all ESA publications.