The Economics Students Association is the governing federated body for all 900+ undergraduate Economics students at the University of Ottawa. From academic representation to social events, we strive to meet the needs of our undergraduate students. We partake in important decisions concerning programs and courses, and represent the students’ best interests. We also work in collaboration with many other associations and faculties on campus to deliver the best student experience and events as possible


Here are some things that the association does for you.


Academic Representation

We represent the students' interests to the department and faculty and aim to protect your rights as a student. If you have an issue with a professor or a course, you may contact the vice-president of academic affairs at


The ESA offers a mix of academic, social, and philanthropic events throughout the school year. From academic panels to holiday dinners, the ESA wants to provide an academic year full of well rounded events for all undergraduate economics students!

ESA Traditions

101 Week, Econ Week, and our annual trip to New York City are all large traditions of the ESA. Additionnaly, our previous work with Shinerama and Relay for Life is and will continue to be important for our association.


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The Executive Team

Here are your representatives. Click on their image to read their biography.

President and Vice-Presidents

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Vice-President of Internal Affairs

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Vice-President of Finance

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Vice-President of Academic Affairs

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Vice-President of Social Affairs

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Vice-President of Bilingualism and Outreach

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Vice-President of Philanthropy

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Vice-President of Communications


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Director of External Affairs

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Director of Information Technology

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Director of Promotions

Junior Vice-Presidents

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Junior Vice-President of Academic Affairs

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Junior Vice-President of Social Affairs

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Junior Vice-President of Bilingualism and Outreach

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Junior Vice-President of Philanthropy

Contact Us

Have any questions? You can send an email to for general inquiries or an email to a specific executive member, or see us in person at FSS2040 during our office hours. Find our office hours here.

As well, be sure to follow us on our social media accounts! Links can be found at bottom of this page.

Please note that there will not be office hours during exam season, during the summer, holidays, or university holidays. Office hours are subject to change.